How can I strengthen my team's creativity?

“What do you mean, foosball doesn't increase my team's creativity?” For real creative advice, click here!


We would all like to have a playroom to take a break, an indoor slide that drops us off in the cafeteria, a scooter to move around the open space or even bring our pet to the office.

But are these methods effective in all work environments to enhance creativity?

Each work environment must find its own method.

This article explores, in short, some aspects of the business environment that can put you on the path to the gradual development of a creative culture.

Develop your company culture

The work environment has been renewed for almost a decade thanks to the technological culture of startups; in particular with the influence of employee engagement methods applied by GAFAM for example.

This informality idealized as environment favorable to the motivation of employees can become a bit tricky depending on your field of activity or the personality of each of your colleagues. However, as a new corporate culture, it has also taught us a lot of valuable things. It made us question the vision and philosophy of businesses, restructuring their value as a resource for include and engage the goals and motivations of our colleagues.

In this sense, developing the image of our company integrates the process of how we work. Analyzing behaviors within this process allows us to identify psychological aspects that will reinforce commitment and passion members of our team.

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Communicate with your teams

Since the business environment has evolved from cluttered work areas to large open spaces with ping pong tables, The language of communication between colleagues has also changed radically. More autonomous behavior within the organization has changed the way we look at our daily projects, our collaborative environment, and our motivation throughout the process.

This new environment involves a series of daily exchanges between colleagues, which have increased in speed, quantity and digital media.

This allows us to see a significant change in behavior throughout the work environment.
These daily, high-speed exchanges have become a motivational and innovative tool in many ways.

In the constant exchange between our teams, we can find several opportunities to develop, such as:

  • The meaning of proximity : the digital relationship between colleagues can create a coherent environment
  • Productive experimentation : use the quantity of daily exchanges as a gateway for new ideas
  • Regular feedback : with a dynamic horizontal conversation between team members to share, improve, and give unexpected encouragement
“Experimentation and regular feedback are part of a creative and innovative corporate culture”

That said, in order to come up with innovative ideas, we need to support creativity through these daily exchanges with our colleagues. We can apply creative language that builds employee motivation, self-expression, encouragement, and eventually engagement. Incorporating creative language into a presentation allows them to Express yourself with more energy, with a sense of experimentation and being open to new ideas.

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But what is creative language?

It is the way for your teams to express themselves through their own creative voice. Quite simply. A constant scouting exercise that seeks new means of individual and collective expression of your colleagues, and how they express their own sense of belonging to the vision of your businesses.

Find your creative voice

The fact of promote individual expression of our colleagues in the workplace is a psychological reinforcement of their autonomous behavior.

This autonomous behavior was called “intrinsic motivation” by psychologists Edward Deci and Richard Ryan in their self-determination theory (2000). This theory explores psychological needs for self-motivation. An approach to determine how the continued maintenance of psychological rewards, such as a unexpected positive encouragement for example, may be a better reward than an external compensation system that can hinder productivity.

As Deci and Ryan propose, we can consider self-motivation as a source of commitment. Intrinsic motivation has been explored as The behavior that is most conducive to creativity, where interest in the activity is motivated by pleasure, which they find in the action itself.

In this way, Motivation is becoming a key element of both creativity and commitment. We can take some first steps to find our creative path as a team and start developing an engaging environment for our colleagues, for example:

1. The brand story

The brand story is a means of long-term commitment. It aims to make the values of your company closer to your team. By using a stimulating language, the brand story conveys the stories of your business, people, transformation, and results. It is thanks to this method that we can develop an interesting environment of small and big goals, by visualizing The vision of the company by creating empathy and collective enthusiasm around her.

It can rely on different storytelling techniques, however, the difference between a brand story and a story is how it can be constructed. Either through a completely new story about your brand, or through a more real story based on your team's experiences.

The fact ofengage your team to be shared constantly his experiences and his creative ideas can help build a more real story. Allow everyone to believe in your values organically and create a collective and creative language within the process.

2. Dynamic graphic identity

Today's graphic identities are organisms in motion! They should encourage movement.
Your graphic identity travels through all types of digital media internally and externally of your business. It is becoming particularly important toinnovate through graphic elements, such as colors, dynamic layouts, and interactions. Interaction with your identity should be fun and captivating. It should give your teams a certain freedom of expression, transforming daily exchanges into living, attractive and above all, motivating experiences.

“A dynamic brand reflects an innovative environment”

There is no need to redesign your brand if you find that your graphic identity still matches the vision of your business. You can energize your team's daily environment by using its graphic codes in an innovative way, leaving the formality of the company; you demonstrate a spirit of change, movement and flexibility.

The Powerpoint presentation, a way of creation

Examples of business cultures transcribed on PowerPoint by M PREZ

The journey of finding the creative spirit of your business within your colleagues and their daily interactions is a creative process in itself. With a fluid and dynamic identity that expresses the essence of your business, and a good brand story that facilitates the collective empathy of your audience and colleagues, you can create a climate conducive to motivation and innovative behavior.

At M PREZ, we devote our attention and expertise to content consulting and the design of PowerPoint presentations. We see them as indispensable elements of creative expression in a corporate environment. A PowerPoint presentation is already part of the everyday language of your colleagues and customers.

When this team works on a presentation, it becomes a representation of the motivation of members, of their collective efforts and, above all, of a common language.

We find that a PowerPoint presentation is the perfect opportunity to convey a desire toinnovation, a spirit of creative behavior and a source ofinvolvement.

There is no magic formula to motivate your team, but it is Creativity that you put into daily formal exchanges that will transform your corporate culture.

Discover our services for PowerPoint support and strategic communication tips. We will be happy to help you.

What you need to remember:

  • Create your corporate culture.
  • Communication is the key! (It works for your couple and for your business)
  • Creativity starts with motivation and business vision.
  • Find your way of expression and creativity! (Quick clue: Powerpoint is great)

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