PowerPoint freelancers vs PowerPoint agencies

Is this THE MATCH everyone is waiting for: PowerPoint agency or freelancer? We tell you everything, with transparency!


When it comes to deciding to outsource a PowerPoint presentation, you have two clear options: Powerpoint agencies or specialized freelancers. We are going to draw up a comparative assessment in order to be able to observe the elements that differentiate these two alternatives.

The PowerPoint freelancer is a good element to associate with a larger project.

Freelancers specializing in PowerPoint often come from the field of communication and/or consulting, the great recurrence of the PPT formatting exercise in these two areas providing obvious facilities.

On the other hand, it is rarer to see freelancers with a creative background and graphic skills (design, motion, visual arts...) since most graphic designers from these fields focus on disciplines such as the web or print and much less on PowerPoint presentations.

A PowerPoint freelancer can therefore be of great help with a presentation without much creative challenge but requiring a good understanding of a communication strategy for example.

The number one asset of a freelancer, and this applies as much for a PowerPoint specialist as a Wordpress specialist, is their availability. It may be the necessary element to be combined in a global project in order to complete a team with incomplete skills (or in the absence of someone for example). He will not have the full range of expertise of an agency, but he will make his contribution if his agenda allows it.

It is indeed sometimes complicated to book a freelancer at the last minute because it can be in high demand. At the PowerPoint M PREZ agency, we have also built a network of high-quality freelancers that we sometimes ask for on certain projects and in whom we have the greatest confidence.


To find quality profiles, you can go to the excellent Malt.com (formerly Hopwork), a reference website in France as a directory of freelancers specialized in all disciplines. Be careful, however, we recommend exchanging and even testing a freelancer before starting a first project because a mishap can quickly happen.

The PowerPoint agency, the certainty of a complete and quality service.

The advantage of an agency is that it combines all the elements necessary for the success of a PowerPoint presentation project. At M PREZ, we have created a team with complementary skills:

  • Jason is specialized in the mastery and technical optimization of creative tools (PowerPoint, Indesign, Photoshop...), which allows him to produce slides quickly and in very large quantities on numerous projects at once
  • Adrien has a preponderant global creative vision on projects that start from scratch from the point of view of visual references (non-existent graphic charter, new project, new company...)
  • Bessy is very versatile, which allows him to be able to get on a project very quickly while being efficient. From Scratch, while having a high sensitivity for illustrations
  • Antoine and Baptiste are masters in terms of content animations (motion design): whether with the functionalities of PowerPoint, on Prezi or even on AfterEffects, they put all types of information into motion: texts, photos, data, etc.
  • Matthis and Marie-Louise have an excellent business/customer understanding and ensure the management of the project, from the proper assimilation of the issues during the brief to the delivery of the final deliverable

If you want to put faces on these names, you can discover our team here. Attention again, all agencies do not offer the same level of rendering as the PowerPoint M PREZ agency. To find the agency of your dreams, Google references all French players as “PowerPoint agencies”. The variety of creative portfolios will allow you to arbitrate and if you still can't make up your mind, the agencespowerpoint.com website can also help you.

Crosstab summary: PowerPoint freelancers vs PowerPoint agencies

freelance powerpoint vs agence powerpoint assistant paris m prez

For the record...

agence powerpoint mprez antoine blanc arnaud longueville

The PowerPoint agency MR PREZ was founded by Antoine and Arnaud, both freelancers who initially specialized in PowerPoint. After more than a year of expertise each on our side, which allowed us to test our skills and retain our first customers, we decided to join forces and our relationships in order to create a unique entity: the Mister Prez agency, which has now become the M PREZ agency.

agence powerpoint mprez paris equipe freelance powerpoint

We therefore have the necessary perspective to see today the improvement in the quality of our services and the creative dynamic that was ours during all this evolution.

What you need to remember:

  • No need to separate them in all cases: they can also work together!
  • The agency provides stability, security and a wide range of possibilities.
  • The freelance brings advanced expertise and increased flexibility.

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