The template for your presentations in a qualification call

Whether it's when you meet an investor for the first time, when a salesperson presents you with an offer, or when a candidate responds to your job ad. You decide in 8 seconds if it deserves your attention.

November 2, 2023

In the age of Tiktok, interconnection and timeliness, staying focused on a task is a challenge.

Today, we are constantly in a hurry, hustle and bustle, stressed. We want everything quickly and completely, we don't know how to wait any longer. Before the advent of the Internet, the average attention rate for a human being was 12 seconds. However, since Google and social networks took control, this data has dropped to around 8 seconds.

Be aware. We decide in 8 seconds whether a information is useful or not and if we are going to pay attention to it.

In the professional world, it's the same. Whether it's when you meet an investor for the first time, when a salesperson presents you with an offer, or when a candidate responds to your job ad. You decide in 8 seconds if it deserves your attention. So when you start a qualifying or prequalification sales interview, whether it takes place on the phone, by video or in person, keep this reality of 8 seconds in mind and force yourself to be concise, because no one will listen to you actively if you do not keep their level of interest on the alert. It is therefore necessary that you be eloquent and succinct; this way you will be much better able to arouse the attention of your audience and to obtain further information and/or actions from them.

You prep business

In the universe Business, two steps are essential in Call B to B: the Calls of prequalification and the Calls of qualification. Their differences lie in their average time as well as in their overall content, which differ, but their usefulness is well established.

  • One Call Pre-qualification is quick and is mainly used to verify, in a few minutes, the information you have about your prospect, and the information he has about you. It is useful to check that you are on the same page and that the person you are talking to has fully understood the nature of your business and is still interested. It then leads to an appointment for a Call of qualification, which will go into more commercial details.

Note that some businesses, such as Asana, don't make Call of prequalification and prefer the written format, by email or message, for example.

  • One Call The qualification period is longer than the previous one and is a crucial part of your company's commercial activity. Its objective is to define the maturity level of your prospects, to advise them and to support them. At the same time, the Call The qualification will be an opportunity to present you further and to demonstrate your company's expertise. It is an opportunity for your potential future customer to determine if you are worthy of interest and if your services can be useful to them. This call will allow you to judge whether you are going to do business with your interlocutor and, if so, how, by examining his requests and expectations in greater detail. Like any professional interview, it is a two-way encounter: you as well as your recipient will judge the sequence of events... according to the level of attention that you each have aroused.

Sometimes you won't need or time to add these two steps together and focus on the second one.

In fact, only one long sales cycle allows you to complete both prequalification and qualification at the same time, when a short sales cycle only allows you to use the qualification, in order to save time in your processes. If you operate in a short process, your Call The qualification process thus follows your prospecting by email or via other media. It then combines both the prequalification and the qualification stages.

But it doesn't matter if your process contains this famous “prequalification” or not, because, most of the time, the game will essentially focus on the qualifying phase. And that's where you have to be, not good, but great.

Extrait de la présentation commerciale mprez, page contact
Excerpt from the Mprez commercial presentation

Simple, effective and almost perfect

In order for them to be more powerful, your Calls qualifications must be accompanied by support, so that your prospect can project themselves into your solutions and better understand your arguments. This also allows you to have a point of support, an anchor during the meeting, in order to refer to it and not lose the thread of your presentation. A Powerpoint is often a very good presentation method, especially since it is flexible according to the types of prospects with whom you are talking and because, being fixed, it ensures a good continuity of explanation. Thus, by revising it well, you will know your arguments and your support inside out and can be as convincing as possible thanks to the confidence generated by this security.

The Call The perfect qualifying period must be around 15 minutes. Beyond that, you will lose the attention of your audience and the interest that you could arouse in them.

Obviously, this is not a general truth and some sectors of activity cannot be affected by this rule of conciseness; their Calls are then generally between 30 minutes and one hour, because their technical and/or technological innovations require further explanation.

During the ideal fifteen minutes, spend no more than 5 to 10 minutes on your presentation and leave the remaining time to discuss the presentation with your client in order to probe questions and further details.

How not to scatter around and respect these 5-10 minutes of presentation? Limit your prez to 5 Slides. No more, but not less either.

These 5 Slides should be organized as follows:

  • One Slide that introduces your business and provides a complete overview of it. Show your expertise, prove your seriousness.
  • One Slide which presents your internal organization, the processes that will be put in place for the realization of customer requests and your personal methodology to meet all its needs. In two words: reassure him. Demonstrate your know-how and remove any possible doubts in the mind of your recipient.
  • One Slide showing your differences with the competition. People love transparency, so offer it on a platter and prove that you are the best, and why. Are you the cheapest? Fastest? The most meticulous? The most eco-responsible? Whatever, but convince your prospect that they were right to call you, you, and not the competitor next door.
  • One Slide commenting on additional services, those that will allow your customer to go further and perfect their request. Again, he needs to be convinced that he made the right choice and that you understood his request, and more.
  • One Slide “contacts” so that your interlocutor can find all the means by which he can communicate with you. Phone number, email, LinkedIn, even contact details for homing pigeon if you want, the important thing is that he can reach you easily.

The most? Send this presentation to your customers after your exchange so that they can rethink the interview later and make a decision more easily. Therefore, they will also have all your contacts on this medium thanks to the latest Slide. You're killing two birds with one stone and you don't even need a business card anymore.

If, with that, he does not call you back... They will call you back, don't worry.

The secret touch

At mprez, we have elevated this rule of conciseness to the rank of art and obligation. Our qualifying rounds are in 5 Slides, as you can see on the menu of our PPT:

Fil d'Ariane de la présentation commerciale de mprez
Breadcrumb from the mprez commercial presentation

And each part has been designed to be as brief and clear as possible. We removed all the superfluous details that would hinder the immediate understanding of our message and backed up our expertise to demonstrate in a few moments that we know what we were good at.

To do this, what better than using our favorite Powerpoint style and also the most useful one to adapt to any situation - namely the interactive PPT? Each element of the prez is connected to the others and it is possible to move freely in the digital space created, in order to meet each request.

Finally, the secret key to any good presentation linked to a Call Of qualification is to demonstrate in form as well as in substance that you are THE right service provider for your client. Use your sector of activity and your creative resources to adapt your presentation to your DNA and build a concrete case that will leave no doubt about your ability to handle requests.

If you want help with this exercise, we will be able to help you give shape to your project and your Calls, so that no one can ever doubt your abilities.

See you soon at mprez, the Powerpoint agency par excellence! 👑

  • We decide in 8 seconds if information is useful or not and if we are going to pay attention to it.
  • In the universe Business, two steps are essential in Call B to B: the Calls of prequalification and the Calls Of qualification
  • Limit your prez to 5 Slides. No more, but not less either.
  • Think of each part to be as brief and clear as possible.

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