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The recipe for a financial & strategic presentation that speaks to everyone

Here are the ingredients that characterize the mprez approach to financial and strategic presentations

Storytelling, design and data visualization

Our storytelling experts transform each element into a clear speech while our designers develop the associated visual story. Your graphs and tables become stylized elements in clear data visualization. We create tailor-made infographics for your presentation materials and which can also be used for your social networks, newsletters and your next talk.

The right design, Never too little, or too much

To address an institutional target correctly, you need the right mix. We know how to put the cursor in the right place in our graphic approach between creative originality and the seriousness imposed by the challenge.

A control room on D-Day

We know the stress and the little surprises of the big day. So if you need to give live feedback, rehearse before the event or change the presentation live, you can count on our talented designers, experienced in event production, at any time.

ready for printing

We produce deliverables adapted to the various distribution methods required, digital as well as print.

Confidentiality and security

Safety is no joke. We sign very strict confidentiality clauses to ensure the security of your information.


Discover our achievements

Those that hit the mark, those that rained, those that sold, those that convinced, those that may inspire you.



Making business strategies wonderful and landing in the stars
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Philharmonie Luxembourg

Design a colorful investor presentation template


Celebrate sobriety with a template and a newsletter that reflects your personality

Their data,our visualization

Find out what our customers think of our strategic and financial presentation service.

Presentation for investors on the company's business, its technology, its development prospects and its competitive environment. Creativity, making it possible to simplify, clarify and embellish the result. Responsiveness on different versions. Proposal of various options.
Georges Destriau
It was a question of modernizing an initial document by making it much more airy, visual and synthetic. The objective was perfectly achieved with great proposals during our discussions; I was always informed of progress - good control of deadlines
CEO & Owner
We needed two presentations for official trade show ceremonies. The presentations needed to be lively and rhythmic. As a positive result, the results were in line with what we needed and what we had in mind. Rendings that were both professional and original, which captured the atmosphere of the lounge.
Nina Richebe
Event Project Manager
Realization of our pitch deck. Great result, very modern AD and in line with our branding, a fast delivery time.
Responsive team that listens to our needs in a very short time. We won the tender.
Alexandre Poulain
Production manager - Project manager
We worked on a presentation that will serve as a support for our sales representatives in customer meetings. The support is very well done, the interactivity is very well integrated and the use is very simple. Thanks again to Chloé for her professionalism and her responsiveness.
Charles Rivière
Marketing & Communications Officer
I particularly appreciated Céline's ability to listen, her understanding and the speed with which deliverables were made available.
Hervé Le Fourner
Purchasing strategy
Very competitive prices, Very professional team, speed of implementation, Efficient and available
Marine Dussere
Sports Marketing Manager
Mr. Prez helped us prepare a presentation of a new software to an analyst firm. We had a modern presentation that conveyed our values in a very short time. The time saved allowed us to work on other strategic topics
Frederic Monomakhoff
I had the opportunity to work several times with Mr Prez in the context of very dense commercial presentations. Customer contact is always very pleasant, and highly available and responsive. I am always very happy with the way the presentations turned out. Mr Prez's teams are a source of proposals.
Alice Hémeury
Brand Manager at Atlantic

Transform your financial and strategic powerpoint presentations