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Have someone accompany you by presentation experts to avoid these mistakes

Your presentations are not Not professional if you:

Write how ideas come to you

Spend hours writing everything on your slides or in the presenter section

Don't use storytelling to take your audience from A to B

Collaborate with several people on the same document without exchanging

PowerPoint agency Paris mprez slide puig
PowerPoint agency Paris mprez slide puig

Capturing the attention of a demanding audience from the start to the end of your presentation? Nothing impossible

We deploy innovative strategies throughout your presentation. Recognizing the widespread fatigue in businesses where employees are overwhelmed by a constant flow of PowerPoint presentations, you need to stand out from the crowd by offering an interactive and engaging experience. Let's see what's in our designers' toolbox.

Reasonable and thorough use of transitions dynamics between slides helps maintain interest and create rhythm in your speech. We also include powerful animations that highlight your ideas and visually stimulate your audience.

Interactivity is also essential, we engage your audience using questions, polls, or live votes to promote engagement and generate immediate feedback

Finally, the careful addition of relevant videos can illustrate your points in a lively and dynamic way, thus captivating attention and making it easier to understand the concepts covered.

Need a model deserves to be shared

Our PowerPoint presentation experts provide you with a professional, ready-to-use template for free. An easy to use tool to improve the impact of your next presentations. Download now.

Our teams make sure to provide you with a compressed version and a PDF version without losing quality. As for the fonts, they are embedded directly into the document, so there are no unpleasant surprises, if one of your colleagues does not have the right typeface on their workstation.

Our expertise To do Professional and original, a real job

With nearly ten years of experience, our agency has developed a range of skills across the entire PowerPoint presentation ecosystem, combining communication strategy and visual storytelling to make all your speeches powerful.

Content creation

Font Management

Alarms and resources

Information design


Animations and transitions

PPT interface

Graphic chart

Data visualization


Masks and templates

File Optimization


Discover our achievements

Those that hit the mark, those that rained, those that sold, those that convinced, those that may inspire you.



Making business strategies wonderful and landing in the stars
Philharmonie Luxembourg

Philharmonie Luxembourg

Design a colorful investor presentation template


Celebrate sobriety with a template and a newsletter that reflects your personality

These professionals entrust us with their Powerpoint presentations

See what our customers think of our professional PowerPoint presentation service.

Presentation for investors on the company's business, its technology, its development prospects and its competitive environment. Creativity, making it possible to simplify, clarify and embellish the result. Responsiveness on different versions. Proposal of various options.
Georges Destriau
We were looking for an effective and agile team to support us in creating a support of great importance for an international tender/M PREZ's team took up the challenge with a high degree of quality and thus contributed to our success in this project.
Nicolas Favre
Marketing Director
Very competitive prices, Very professional team, speed of implementation, Efficient and available
Marine Dussere
Sports Marketing Manager
Very professional team, quick to implement, efficient and available. Quick understanding of our needs.
Fanny Descohand
Marketing Manager
I particularly appreciated Céline's ability to listen, her understanding and the speed with which deliverables were made available.
Hervé Le Fourner
Purchasing strategy
We worked on the presentation material for the annual seminar that we organize for our suppliers. The objective has been achieved. The team was very attentive to our needs and reactivity and efficiency were there.
Sébastien Aragon
Trade Marketing Manager
It was a question of modernizing an initial document by making it much more airy, visual and synthetic. The objective was perfectly achieved with great proposals during our discussions; I was always informed of progress - good control of deadlines
CEO & Owner
We worked on a presentation that will serve as a support for our sales representatives in customer meetings. The support is very well done, the interactivity is very well integrated and the use is very simple. Thanks again to Chloé for her professionalism and her responsiveness.
Charles Rivière
Marketing & Communications Officer
A new PowerPoint template to help us launch our new visual identity internally. A modern template, which gives life to our new identity, easy to use and appreciated by all!
Head of Marketing & Digital Division
Mr. Prez helped us prepare a presentation of a new software to an analyst firm. We had a modern presentation that conveyed our values in a very short time. The time saved allowed us to work on other strategic topics
Frederic Monomakhoff

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