Comparison of presentation software: Which tool should you choose to impress your audience?

Discover 13 online presentation software and 6 alternatives to our PowerPoint B2B agency in Paris

January 2, 2024

You are in the middle of questions... Do you need to impress your audience? Unsure about the best way to do this? Instead of using a free online tool? Buying a paid version? Call on PowerPoint agencies qualified, or a freelance ? You want to make the right choice without rushing to a solution that you will regret later. You are quite right.

In this comparative article, which we have designed to be as comprehensive as possible, we will review all the solutions available to you. You are about to discover 13 online presentation software, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. If you are a professional, we will also discuss the subject of outsourcing your presentations to specialized agencies. In fact, we have listed 6 alternatives to our B2B powerpoint agency in Paris.

PS: If you are a student, no problem, this comparison is also made for you.

All presentation software on the market

Because we know that you will not necessarily have time to read everything, we have created a table that summarizes the article. However, if you want to deepen your knowledge about each presentation service/software, that's below.

We save you from reading a block thanks to the table below!

Attention, choosing your presentation medium is not an approach to be taken lightly. You may invest a lot of time in it, so be sure of your solutions before you start. Take the time to document yourself and fully understand the ins and outs of each solution.

Discover the best alternatives to PowerPoint

Comparatif outils de présentation

Outil de présentationPrixCiblePersonnalisation et
complexité du rendu
Freemium, puis à partir de 11,99€/moisParticuliers et Professionnels⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
PreziDe 5€/mois à 29€/mois en version businessParticuliers et Professionnels⭐️⭐️⭐️
Zoho ShowGratuitProfessionnels⭐️⭐️⭐️
VismeFreemium, puis à partir de 11€/moisParticuliers et Professionnels⭐️⭐️⭐️
SlideDogÀ partir de 19€/mois pour 2 utilisateursProfessionnels⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
SlideBeanÀ partir de 11,25€/moisProfessionnels⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
LudusÀ partir de 11,25€/moisProfessionnels⭐️⭐️⭐️
Haiku DeckÀ partir de 9€/mois pour la version basiqueProfessionnels⭐️⭐️⭐️
PitchFreemium, puis 20€/moisProfessionnels⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Beautiful.aiÀ partir de 11€/moisParticuliers⭐️⭐️⭐️
Microsoft PowerPointÀ partir de 4.20€/par moisParticuliers et Professionnels⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Google SlidesGratuitParticuliers et Professionnels⭐️⭐️⭐️
KeynoteGratuitParticuliers et Professionnels⭐️⭐️⭐️

The target was determined based on our opinion, our understanding of the offer and the functionalities offered. Of course, an individual can use Pitch if he wants to. 😇

With regard to customization and rendering complexity, we sought to compare the level of graphic rendering and the customization options offered by the tool (animations, transitions, Typos, masks, shapes, media integrations...).

Credible alternatives for professionals


Strengths ✅:

  • Modern and collaborative interface that promotes creativity.
  • Possibility to integrate comments and feedback in real time.
  • Specific features for teams working remotely.

Weaknesses ❌:

  • Limited advanced features compared to some competitors.
  • Interface can be perceived as complex for beginners.


Strengths ✅:

  • Non-linear and dynamic presentations for a strong visual impact.
  • Possibility to include animations and zoom effects.
  • Cloud platform allowing easy access and sharing online.

Weaknesses ❌:

  • Learning curve to master advanced features
  • Some users prefer more traditional presentations.


Strengths ✅:

  • Intuitive interface with powerful design features.
  • Possibility to collaborate in real time with colleagues.
  • Import of various media for advanced customization.

Weaknesses ❌:

  • Less well known than other solutions, so fewer community resources.
  • Some features may require a premium subscription.

The timeless ones to benefit from the expertise of professionals


Strengths ✅:

  • Broad adoption and familiarity in the professional world.
  • Extensive range of templates and design tools.
  • Easy integration with other Microsoft applications

Weaknesses ❌:

  • Real-time collaboration is less fluid than some alternatives.
  • It may seem less innovative in terms of visual features, but this can be offset by good technical and graphical knowledge.


Strengths ✅:

  • Wide range of animations and transitions.
  • Software stability, even when presentations are heavy.
  • Easy integration with other applications in the Apple ecosystem.
  • Can be used on iPad and iPhone.

Weaknesses ❌:

  • Presentations don't convert well to PPTX (risk of losing fonts and formatting).
  • Lack of advanced options for graphic designers.

Google Slides

Strengths ✅:

  • Fast loading on browsers, regardless of the weight of the presentation or the number of collaborators on the presentation.
  • Integration of the other tools of the Google Drive suite.
  • Offline access.

Weaknesses ❌:

  • Very limited animation options, especially for advanced use.
  • It takes time to download videos.
  • Formatting loss when converting to a.pptx file.

Credible and easy to learn alternatives


Strengths ✅:

  • User friendly interface with an extensive library of templates.
  • Ability to create presentations, infographics, and other designs.
  • Advanced customization options even in the free version.

Weaknesses ❌:

  • More focused on graphic design than presentation features.
  • Some advanced features are reserved for the premium subscription.

Strengths ✅:

  • Beautiful.AI uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate engaging slide designs.
  • Ease of use thanks to a user-friendly interface, suitable for novice users.
  • Automating the design process for rapid presentation creation.
  • Offers a variety of professional templates for different industries and presentation types.

Weaknesses ❌:

  • Some users may find the customization options limited compared to other tools.
  • Automation can limit flexibility for those who prefer total design control.
  • May lack some of the advanced features found in more established software like PowerPoint or Keynote.
  • Full access to some features may require a paid subscription.

Use an agency to create a powerful PowerPoint presentation

Sometimes you have to admit defeat, or at least not to your advantage on all subjects.

Well used, Microsoft's software is a real visual pyrotechnic device that makes demonstrations more convincing. Otherwise, the soporific effect is guaranteed.

These are not our words, but those of Nicolas Santolaria, a columnist for the newspaper Le Monde.

Long wrongly denigrated for its unevocative bulleted lists, its overloaded slides, its garish colors and so on, the software developed by microsoft remains a must in the office suite if it is well mastered. It is also used by more than 500 million people, which shows its importance.

In addition to the impact that numbers can have, the entire presentation ecosystem has been built around the strengths and weaknesses of the tool for nearly 25 years. So at the time of reading these lines, the majority of online resources, tutorials, templates, training, and specialized designers operate PPT (PowerPoint).

So, by far, it's the easiest solution to create a compelling slideshow if you're starting from scratch.

Why use a PowerPoint agency?

If you call on a PowerPoint agency remains an investment, it is totally justified (we were not going to tell you the opposite), especially as we approach high-stakes speeches. Since 2016, we have been supporting the largest companies and agencies with PowerPoint, Google Slides and Keynotes presentations that are creative and always adapted to their audience.

Why? Because we are in a position to support them in 3 areas of fundamental skills that determine the success of speaking to a large audience. We are not simple implementers, our experts advise you throughout the collaboration period. When a client calls on us and his presentation requires it, we mobilize three complementary fields of expertise to guarantee maximum impact on his audience.

Design professionals for a Waouh effect!

The best creative profiles, handpicked to guarantee you top graphic quality. When they come on stage, they leave nothing to chance and will create a tailor-made presentation. The rendering is resolutely high-end and personalized, they will use the key elements of your graphic charter to design a full-fledged visual experience that will make your ideas shine. Because we firmly believe that presentation is a medium in its own right, designed for B2B.

Marketing and communication professionals to understand your challenges

We also mobilize account managers with a strong appetite marketing and business to manage your project with a master hand. They will dive into your universe to understand your challenges, even the most subtle ones.

Design-writing professionals to structure and popularize

Sometimes it can be complicated to synthesize content of your slides, especially when you are proud to present the fruits of your work. No problem, we'll hurry up for you, copywriters to sort, rephrase, and embellish your arguments. Of The impact on the shape, but also on the background so that your audience understands and remembers your message. 🎤

Where to go in Paris to get a perfect PowerPoint?

Paris is full of communication agencies that specialize in PowerPoint. Here is a list of our main colleagues.

Looking for a PowerPoint agency in Paris ? You will be spoilt for choice


Based in the heart of Paris since 2013, Slidor is positioned as a PowerPoint agency specializing in the creation of commercial presentations, personalized templates, emergency slides and financial presentations.

Slidor offers a diverse range of services aimed at meeting the needs of businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. Its team of more than 20 designers, all based internally in its Paris offices, works tirelessly to produce visual and impactful presentation materials.

Slidor's main objective is to enable its customers to transmit their messages more effectively and to convince their audience. What distinguishes this agency is its commitment to quality, with all its achievements entirely internalized in France, without recourse to freelancers. Slidor is thus established as a trusted partner for any company wishing to improve its visual communication.

Slides story

Established in Paris since 2020, Histoires de Slides is a PowerPoint agency that stands out for its specialization in creating personalized presentations, with an emphasis on both content and design.

With an impact-oriented approach, Slides Stories offers 3 levels of advice to optimize presentation content. In addition, it offers ready-to-use slide masks and libraries, allowing each user to produce professional presentations effectively.

The Slide Box

With 20 years of expertise in the art of designing PowerPoint presentations, La Boîte à Slides, based in Paris, is positioned as an essential reference. Its commitment is to provide its clients with presentations that are both effective and original, aimed at facilitating the transmission of their message and increasing their persuasion skills.

With a team composed of 2 managers, 3 project managers, 5 graphic designers and using external talents (freelancers), La Boîte à Slides brings together a set of dedicated experts. Their mission is to use all their expertise to meet the varied needs of customers, guaranteeing a truly breathtaking final result.

Beyond the creation of PowerPoint presentations, La Boîte à Slides services also extend to the design of custom templates and to training courses dedicated to the effective use of PowerPoint.


Pokeslide was founded in 2018 in Paris. The agency specializes in creating professional presentations on Powerpoint, Keynote and Google Slides. It is distinguished by its total mastery of these software. Thanks to this expertise, it can respond effectively to all the requests of its customers.

Each Pokeslide project is unique, efficient and meticulously designed to perfectly align with the specific wishes and needs of its customers. Whether it is for the launch of a new product or service, to communicate in a powerful way, to captivate the attention of an audience, or to seduce and convince targets, Pokeslide is positioned as the ideal partner.

Spitch Consulting

Based in the heart of Paris, the Spitch Consulting agency specializes in the design of presentations, coaching, and the training of speakers. Its main mission is to help companies stand out by optimally presenting their ideas, products and services in front of a varied audience, whether customers, investors or prescribers, in order to achieve their business goals.

Founded in 2012 by Michaël Dias, French coach and pioneer of Storytelling, Spitch Consulting is committed to offering comprehensive solutions. This includes creating quality PowerPoint slides and sound advice for speech development. Thanks to this integrated approach, the agency allows its clients to perfect their communication, increase their impact, and thus maximize their chances of success in their initiatives.


Consulting firm specialized in the art of creating high impact presentation strategies. Whether for a commercial presentation, a strategic approach or any other form of communication, the team of specialized consultants and creatives at Prezman uses its expertise to maximize the persuasive power of your speeches. From the beginning to the end of your project, these professionals support you and provide you with practical advice to capture the attention of your audience during your interventions.

LGR Overview

Creative agency specialized in graphic production of PowerPoint presentations created in 2016. She supports internationally recognized companies in various sectors of activity and for all types of presentations. Driven by a culture of results, the LGR agency teams are composed of multidisciplinary professionals with varied experiences and nationalities.

Comparative table of Parisian PowerPoint agencies

AgenceAxe différenciantDate de création
Histoire de Slides
Des présentations exceptionnelles sur le fond et la forme.2020
Slidor100% des présentations réalisées en France, dans les bureaux parisiens, sans avoir recours à des freelances.2013
La Boite à SlidesPlus ancien acteur sur le marché des agences PowerPoint en France. La promesse : des présentations pour convaincre.2002
PokeslideGain de productivité et maîtrise graphique.2018
Spitch ConsultingCoaching et Formation en plus de la création de présentations. Pionniers dans le storytelling.2012
PrezmanExpert en stratégie de présentation à fort impact pour les grands groupes.2015
LGR PrésentationUne équipe internationale avec des natifs en français, anglais, allemand et espagnol.2016

How do you choose a PowerPoint agency?

So how do you go about choosing a PowerPoint provider? To be completely transparent, none of the agencies mentioned above is better than another. We all use more or less the same techniques and our teams are structured in much the same way. Only a few specializations such as the ability to work in different languages, increased expertise in storytelling or the absence of freelancers personalize the value proposition.

Apart from that, you will have almost the same level of performance, so don't panic when it comes time to set your sights on one actor over another, there is no bad choice.

From our point of view, it is your feelings with the various people you will meet that will make the difference. Choose an agency that listens to you, understands your business challenges and strives to meet your requirements despite technical and time constraints.

Because when you call on a PowerPoint agency rather than to its internal teams or to a freelance, it is good for the responsiveness, the multidisciplinarity within the teams and the strike force that an agency can have. A freelancer will never be able to work 100 slides in less than 24 hours. In the same way, an agency with teams in different countries will be able to play on multiple time zones to satisfy an emergency request.

mprez®, the PowerPoint agency at the service of your business challenges.

Co-founded in 2016 by Arnaud and Antoine, the PPT mprez® agency is a creative agency which aims to raise high-stakes presentations to the level of the best communication supports.

CAC40 professionals and startups call on us to design their slideshows as important deadlines approach.

Our missions focus on the design and implementation of high-stakes presentations: fundraising, product launch, press conference, internal/external event, response to calls for tenders, management committee, results announcement... It is therefore imperative that the form is flawless and makes an impression.

Our customer spectrum is diverse & varied : sport, fashion, banking, insurance, insurance, start-up, tech, agency, governmental and non-governmental organization... In total, since its creation, more than 900 customers have trusted mprez® to rework their most important presentations. Some references: Air France, Swile, Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Cartier, Cartier, Cartier, Adidas, Accor, TCL, Havas, BETC, Sodexo, Sodexo, SNCF, SNCF, SNCF, SNCF, Engie, Total...

The team is composed of a multitude of profiles : business developers, project managers, artistic directors, illustrators, UX/UI designers, copywriters, developers... Today, mprez® has more than twenty employees divided between the offices of paris, bordeaux, lisbon and São Paulo !

Thanks to the quality of our presentations, oral presentation becomes child's play. Communicating about your projects, attracting investors and concluding business deals has never been easier. Because we do not address an investor in the same way as our employees, our PowerPoint agency designs a wide range of creative presentations with very specific objectives.

A type of presentation according to your business objectives. Ask for advice if you are hesitating between two services.

Transformez vos présentations

  • Choosing your presentation medium is not a step to be taken lightly, you risk investing a lot of time in it, so be sure before you start. Take the time to document yourself and fully understand the ins and outs of each solution
  • It is possible to outsource the production of your most important presentations to PowerPoint agencies
  • Not a bad choice if you were to collaborate with a PowerPoint agency in Paris. None of the agencies mentioned above is better than any other. All use the same techniques and the teams are structured in much the same way. Only a few specializations such as the ability to work in different languages, increased expertise in storytelling or the absence of freelancers personalize the value proposition.

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