Define the depth of your presentation content based on the size of your audience

Is adapting your prez to your audience the key to success? We'll let you judge by this article.


There are three fundamental criteria to consider when considering the best way to approach a Powerpoint presentation: the context, the objective and the target.

If you have carefully analyzed these three points, you will be in a position to be able to decide what direction you should give to the structure and design of your presentation.

In this article, we will focus on the third and last criterion listed: the target, more commonly called the audience during a presentation.

You need to know exactly who you are talking to, or at the very least, you need to be able to categorize the type of audience you have since this will condition the way you think about the content of your presentation, such as the choice of language to use or the degree of precision and complexity of the information you are going to disclose.

The rule to follow for your content, based on your audience.

There is an inverse correlation between the number of people you have in front of you for a pitch (quantity) and the depth of treatment of the subject you are addressing (quality).

agence powerpoint m prez conseil qualite contenu selon quantité audieance

When you have a large audience during a press conference or a webinar (more generally for external communication), it is necessary to popularize your point as much as possible, by working on concepts that are easy to assimilate, in an exercise where the art of storytelling will be a “game changer”. Have the ability to turn a business/technical presentation upside down by a smooth story will be 100% winning in this context.

Example of simplified and storytelled content for a large audience - by the M PREZ PowerPoint Agency for TCL

Excerpt of a PowerPoint webinar presentation for IDEMIA (confidential official content) by the PowerPoint Agency M PREZ

On the contrary, if you are in the presence of a restricted audience, in most cases this means that you can be more specific and more technical without the fear of losing attention. In this context, it will be your responsibility to Assess your ability to delve into the subject.

exemple agence powerpoint mprez contenu riche pour audience restreinte
Example of a slide with rich content, corresponding to a limited audience - by the M PREZ PowerPoint Agency for Havas.

In this way, the depth of your presentation can reach a high level of customization in the context of a small audience. Take as an example the jury that decides in a call for tenders, we encourage you here to find out exactly about the identity and backgrounds of the people in front of you.

Your ability to subtly bring references that could affect these decision makers individually and emotionally will be an extremely effective asset during your presentation. Showing someone your interest in who they are or what they represent is recognized as the central element in a seduction process.

In a limited audience configuration, in the same way as a salesperson in a customer appointment (In fact, this may be the subject of your presentation), do not hesitate to look at the team page on the organization's website, where you will regularly find short biographies of collaborators. LinkedIn is also a great tool to connect with someone and discover their career path and more generally use the web to interest you and understand your interlocutors: ongoing training, commitment to actions and causes, knowledge of your sector, etc.

Our agency is at your disposal for any advice on the content and format of your presentations.

See you soon for more tips for your Prez'.

What you need to remember:

  • Large audience = popularization; small audience = precision
  • Take an interest in your audience!

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