Why will a PowerPoint template created by an agency always be better than an online template?

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April 27, 2023

That's it, your PowerPoint template is dated and it's starting to show. You can no longer pretend, and for good reason, you were criticized for this during the CODIR. The change is now you will tell me. You still need to know how to do it in a saturated presentation market.

Don't panic, we'll help you see more clearly.

1 - The most popular presentation software

Surely you already know 2, or even 3 if you are used to working on a Mac:

The best known, the one we no longer present: Powerpoint

A presentation software published by Microsoft, it is an easy to use program and the most powerful tool for creating a presentation.

Whether your presentation requires a visual boost, collaboration tools, easy access, or the ability to share information beyond the initial meeting, PowerPoint is a good option.

The challenger, collaboration in the blood: Google Slides

Part of the free Google Suite applications, it is a traditional presentation solution designed primarily for collaboration. This tool works much like PowerPoint and other presentation applications.

However, only Google Slides works in your browser, free of charge. It's easy to use: you can select a theme for the slideshow, add standard layouts, and insert text, graphics, and slide transitions into menus.

On the other hand, Google Slides is much less powerful and complete than PowerPoint, you will be really limited in the design and animation of your slides, even if presentation professionals Freelance or in an agency can help you overcome barriers on PPT as well as on Google Slides.

Finally, an important detail to take into consideration when working on Google Slide is to have a very good internet connection. As everything goes through your web browser (we would almost forget it), if your connection is slow, your layout may be seriously slowed down.

For Apple aficionados: Keynote

A tool built into Apple devices that you can use online via iCloud.com Keynote allows you to give presentations for free... as long as you have a Mac of course.

In its interface, this tool looks like a PowerPoint made easy and offers beautiful templates and beautiful typography.

Keynote is best known for its smooth animations, its customization options, and for being the presentation medium used by Steve Jobs during his eponymous conferences.

There is no right or wrong presentation software solution. Each of the three apps has strengths and weaknesses that you should take into account when choosing. Check out our full article if you want to know more aboutideal presentation tool according to your needs.

2 - Online alternative solutions


Canva is a website created in 2010 that allows you to customize designs for any type of project, in a simple and intuitive way. Flyers, posters, presentations, and even some video formats are included.

Very useful for those who do not have particular graphic skills. The main feature of Canva is the provision of already ready templates of good quality, and to modify them in accordance with its own requirements.

A freemium tool par excellence, the basic version guarantees access to basic templates, for more advanced ones, you will have to turn to paid derivatives: Canva Pro or Canva for Enterprise.


It's a bit of an Alibaba cave for anyone who wants to quickly find a presentation template... To the point of sometimes getting lost.

Completely free tool provided you leave your email (and yes nothing is really free) Slidego offers you a multitude of themes, compatible with Google Slides and Powerpoint (so exit Keynote)

However, there are few templates that will really save you time. Most are in fact very generic and offer too few customization options, at least for unsophisticated graphic designers.

You will therefore find a large stock of templates online to satisfy (apparently) your urgent need for a template. But beware of the lack of flexibility.

3 - Why using these solutions won't save you time

One of the main reasons when looking for free templates is to save time or to impress your audience (often both). But contrary to what one might think, using a free template does not save you time. We'll explain why right away and in three points.

Difficult for a template to adapt to all sectors of activity

At mprez® we know from experience that not all sectors of activity have the same needs. Our client portfolio includes giants in the banking sector as well as start-ups and luxury houses.

While a numerical report for a bank will most certainly consist of tables and graphs, a branding-oriented presentation for a fashion house will definitely be more visual. The slide layouts worked by experienced artistic directors will logically not be the same.

The problem with a free tote template is that we realize its lack of flexibility in use. You will realize that the free template is not adapted to your presentation and needs. And, therefore, you will waste a lot of time redrawing the slides by yourself.

Obvious technical limitations

On the technical side now (nothing complicated, don't worry), a free template uploaded online is standardized. Customization is deliberately limited. Therefore, you will not be able to adapt your presentation to your specific needs and goals.

Be careful not to distort your branding

Another disadvantage of free online templates is that they are not the result of your brand image. You can always adapt it to the colors of your graphic chart you will tell me. But as mentioned above, the customization possibilities remain limited.

In the context of a commercial presentation, a pitch deck, a fundraiser, or a performance report, such a lag can affect your seriousness, your credibility and your legitimacy.

If your presentation is intended to make an impression, to generate advertising memorization, a tailor-made, truly differentiating presentation will be the best vector of interest and adherence.

4 - What is the difference with a PowerPoint agency?

Inevitably we are going to preach for our parish by sharing our experience. When you ask us to create a PPT presentation, whether it is a smoothing, the creation of a template or an animated presentation, we do not launch directly into the creative phase.

We implement several complementary skills beforehand: from project management to understanding objectives, of the message and the audience through copywriting and Storytelling. In other words, when necessary, we focus first on the message and then on the design.

Opt for a PPT template free found on the Internet forces you to start from the form rather than the content and therefore to neglect the message you want to get across.

Using a free design template is like using a pound cake pan to make strawberry shortcake. You will have to make concessions in terms of text formats, illustrations, and infographics.

However, it is not up to the message to adapt to the medium but for the medium to adapt to the message conveyed.

By using presentation professionals, you get rid of the limitations of free templates and develop synergies between content and form for maximum impact on your audience. Isn't it better when everyone rows in the same direction?

For your next presentation, don't hesitate any longer, we will be happy to help you.

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What you need to remember:

  • Taking a free model on the internet means starting from the form by neglecting the content of your message.
  • Some templates aren't compatible with the presentation tools you'll want to use next.
  • No template will 100% answer your search... and you will waste time remodifying everything.

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