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The recipe for a good sales deck

Here are the ingredients that characterize the mprez approach to commercial presentations.agence PowerPoint pour les decks commerciaux.

understandable and easy to use

We need salespeople who sell better than anyone. And for that, you need a PowerPoint presentation that is simple, understandable and easily usable by your sales team. And good news, we do that better than anyone!


Thanks to the interactive presentation, your audience will be able to navigate from slide to slide just like on a website. The icing on the cake is that the support is easy to share and available offline.

One presentation, two uses

The product presentation is your first sales support, it must therefore be convincing to meet its various uses. It can be used both live for a commercial pitch and a demo, or even stand-alone after a sales meeting. At mprez, we can provide you with a document that meets these two situations or create two separate supports for each of them.

Understanding business challenges

We perfectly master the tricks of a commercial argument and your business challenges.


Discover our achievements

Those that hit the mark, those that rained, those that sold, those that convinced, those that may inspire you.



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our sales decks

See what our customers think of our sales presentations.

We worked on a presentation that will serve as a support for our sales representatives in customer meetings. The support is very well done, the interactivity is very well integrated and the use is very simple. Thanks again to Chloé for her professionalism and her responsiveness.
Charles Rivière
Marketing & Communications Officer
I had the opportunity to work several times with Mr Prez in the context of very dense commercial presentations. Customer contact is always very pleasant, and highly available and responsive. I am always very happy with the way the presentations turned out. Mr Prez's teams are a source of proposals.
Alice Hémeury
Brand Manager at Atlantic

Transform your sales presentations