6 reasons why you still need PowerPoint

A tool that you would like to permanently remove from your PC, PowerPoint still has a bright future ahead of it.

April 27, 2023

Meetings are critical to business success, but they consume a lot of your most valuable resource: time. A large team meeting can take up an entire day. Studies even show that disorganized meetings are counterproductive and associated with a decrease in innovation and ultimately in business productivity. So how do you make sure that your meetings are really effective?

When used properly, PowerPoint is still a great tool for structuring your content and taking your audience where you want them to go.

So here are the seven reasons why you still need PowerPoint and why you should use it in your next meeting:

1. PowerPoint allows you to stick to the agenda

A good PowerPoint is prepared in advance. The structure is well thought out and differences are thus avoided on D-Day. It therefore becomes easier for the presenter to facilitate the meeting and to make it progress at a good pace. Simply using and sticking to a predefined structure will help participants stay on topic and allow you to achieve what you want. In the case of virtual meetings, it's even harder to keep the audience engaged. That's why a well-designed PowerPoint presentation will help the presenter keep the audience's attention through animations for example.

2. PowerPoint builds confidence in the presenter

Most people don't like speaking in public, so anything that makes it easier for them is good to take. A well-designed slide deck can serve as a framework for the presenter, so they won't have to worry about missing important points. This will allow him to relax and feel more confident. Unconsciously and as he speaks, he will devote more energy to engaging with the audience. In turn, there is a good chance that the audience will be attentive and convinced by his message.

3. PowerPoint makes it easy to communicate complex ideas quickly

PowerPoint allows presenters to translate complex ideas, facts, or figures into easily digestible images. Visual representations of information activate the right hemisphere of the brain, allowing viewers to interpret, explain, and be interested in what they see. In the case of a PowerPoint presentation, this function in the right hemisphere of the brain is perfectly suited to the software's primary purpose, which is to translate detailed information into images that allow the presenter to avoid audience confusion and move the meeting forward.

4. PowerPoint improves your presentation and the way you present

The act of creating a PowerPoint presentation - putting ideas “on paper” - requires the presenter to refine their message. By following this process, he becomes familiar with its content. This refinement exercise gives him a better chance of getting his message across effectively without losing anyone along the way.

5. PowerPoint boring?

PowerPoint is often criticized for being boring, but it is a problem of use and not an inherent defect in the software. When used properly, i.e. as a visual medium, PowerPoint is the ideal medium for communicating in meetings. Research shows that the brain consumes and understands images more effectively than words alone. The use of visual representations of information in a PowerPoint presentation thus allows the audience to assimilate the presenter's ideas more quickly, thus limiting the need for additional explanations.

6. PowerPoint allows the audience to be in the moment

When a presenter uses PowerPoint, participants know that they can have the presentation available after the meeting so they can focus on listening rather than taking notes. This allows the audience to give their full attention to the presenter, following their story or interacting with them.

Bonus: Use professionals to design PowerPoint presentations

mprez® has been working with senior managers from CAC40 companies around the world for over 8 years. The design and theimproving PowerPoint presentations is our preferred field of activity. We take care of the design of your presentation, so you can focus on meeting content and preparation.

Contact mprez today to find out how we can Save you time and help you get better results!

What you need to remember:

  • Because an image is worth a thousand words, a PowerPoint will be worth all the speeches in the world.
  • Powerpoint allows you to be impactful and to leave a memorable memory in the minds of your audience.

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