8 reasons to use a PowerPoint agency

There are plenty of advantages to choosing a Powerpoint agency. We have selected 8 to convince you.


Are you preparing a large-scale event or a presentation with high stakes? Is your template out of date? Is your team not qualified in design or does not have the time? Do you need to convince, present or inform your audience? This article is made for you!

Here are the 8 reasons to use a PowerPoint agency.

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1 | PowerPoint: the best presentation medium

PowerPoint is an extremely powerful business tool for influencing decisions, engaging your audience and differentiating yourself. So you can't afford to look like an amateur by presenting a basic PowerPoint and grammatical errors! Especially when the stakes are high.

High stakes are a good reason to consider working with a professional presentation agency to engage your audience.

2 | Ensuring the success of a high-stakes presentation

An annual internal conference, product launch, pitch, or results presentation?

These events, which represent major challenges, need to be accompanied by high-quality visual support (such as PowerPoint). The very important factors for engaging the audience are: the quality of the narration of your presentation and the design of your visual support.

3 | Benefit from a business and creative team expert in PowerPoint

Why not use trained and qualified people to create your most important PowerPoint presentations?

Designers specialized in creating PowerPoint, with several years of experience, real passion and knowledge about creating slides.

PowerPoint designers know how to master the tool better than anyone and acquire a good understanding of customer needs according to the type of project with each new project.

4 | The PowerPoint agency takes care of everything

She will ask you the right questions about your project and your needs and will get to work right away.

Our agency M PREZ, gets to know you in depth at the beginning of our relationship. Then, you won't have to worry about explaining your brand requirements and business perspectives with each new mission. You can think of us as a branch of your own organization.

5 | Save time, lots of time

Creating presentations is time consuming, especially if you want to surprise your audience and leave a lasting impression.

Using a PowerPoint agency allows you to ease the pressure of your next conference and to be productive on other missions.

Also, you save time because you do not have to train someone from your company on this mission. The agency takes care of everything.

You are the agency's priority and therefore you don't have to wait for time or for a colleague to have it.

6 | Optimize your costs

Instead of committing to a contractual monthly salary (or multiple salaries) from your own internal team, you can choose when you want the agency to work. You can pay for a fixed number of days, or simply use them per project.

Outsourcing presentations as a fixed fee makes everything simpler, faster, and more profitable. And the costs do not increase if you have to send work back to the agency because this is agreed in the quotation.

7 | Bring freshness

Has your business been using the same template since 2012? Do your PowerPoint presentations contain poor quality images or have they been? Inappropriate fonts? Is the animation not under control?

We've all seen presentations with copied slides, a boring format, and unengaging visuals.

Make way for the new! The artistic directors are qualified and know how important it is to break the codes and refresh your slides.

8 | Admire the graphical and financial results

Whether your team works in marketing, sales, or other departments, they may soon see how much more effective their presentations are since they were delivered by a PowerPoint agency. More successful presentations are often a lever for winning customers, tenders, convincing a board or dazzling an audience.

Have these arguments convinced you and do you think you need a PowerPoint agency? Do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information.

What you need to remember:

  • Powerpoint is an adaptable tool that will meet all your presentation needs.
  • You can benefit from a dedicated and professional team that will take care of everything. Really everything.
  • You can save time AND money.
  • An agency will be able to give you a return on investment and show you concretely what you have gained through this strategy.

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