Graphic trends 2023-2024

Discover the graphic trends that made 2023 and those that will make 2024!

December 22, 2023

Graphic trends, like trends modus, are cyclical. They come and go, leave and come back.

We interviewed our designers to get their expert views on the issue and to review the trends that made 2023 and those that will A prima facie 2024.

What should we remember about the 2023 graphic trends?

While Maxime, a lead designer, admits to having hated neobrutalism (the graphic style that consists of opting for saturated colors and presenting very delimited text areas and iconographies, with imposing outlines and marked shadows), he agrees with Lou, a junior graphic designer, to applaud Swiss graphic design, which was very present in 2023. Swiss graphics is a style that combines minimalism and geometry. It is recognizable by its major use of typefaces with strong characters that play an important role in Designs until they are “cold.” In this respect, Lou has also noted an increase in negative photos (in black and white, therefore) which can reinforce this aspect of coldness.

Graphisme suisse, Powerpoint épuré
Example of Swiss graphics with serif typeface

For Lou, this can be transcribed both on PPT presentations and for web design, since just like the prez, the websites have been refined and focused on the simplicity of elements and the return of fat and experimental fonts, mostly associated with very bright and saturated colors, as we could see during the Deezer redesign whose graphic charter has become very colorful and marked by very imposing fonts. For Maxime, this redesign is an opportunity to more strongly mark the graphic transition in digital from the old trend of color gradations to saturated colors and the spotlight on Motion Design. Matthieu, lead designer, also underlines this aspect by affirming that animated fonts that live through Motion Design expanded considerably in 2023 and it is highly likely that this will continue in 2024.

Faced with this new wave of trends Web design, Lou also highlights that 2023 was a year rich in web eco-design solutions useful for lightening sites as much as possible and making them spend fewer resources. Ecological considerations therefore even reached the web in 2023 and we hope that this will also be the case in 2024!

Matthieu, who is very interested in the new techniques of web And of design, also drew our attention to THE technological topic of the year: the development and explosion of AIs in all fields. Indeed, with the excitement caused by Chat GPT, we can only blame the fact that artificial intelligences are now taking an important place on the technological and creative scene thanks to their editorial and graphic functionalities. The creation of photographic content and illustrations by IAs such as Dall-E or Midjourney has become a complementary tool for designers: for Matthieu, these solutions have more and more weight in society and the graphic universe and professionals in the sector must learn to work together with these new methods, especially since their use is facilitated by their implementation on essential tools such as Adobe. These AIs make it possible to create illustrations, photos and even short films that are great helpers for our graphic designers.

In addition, the other trend noted by Matthieu concerns 3D, which is gaining momentum in the visual and presentation environments. Tools are getting easier, like Spline, and 3D is becoming manageable and free for a greater number of users. Since it is compatible with Powerpoint, we also use it for our customers, something we did for the requests of Prada or even Paco Rabanne, whom we accompanied in their product presentation. Even Nike, in its communications to the general public, has taken advantage of this trend by moving away from communications linking illustrations and 3D.

La 3D en présentation permet d'apporter davantage de réalisme
3D in presentation makes it possible to bring more realism

What to expect in 2024?

Before going on the trend assumptions, Lou wanted to remind us that “trends change throughout the year and sometimes, we say to ourselves that something new is going to be trendy and in the end, that's not the case at all. On the other hand, we sometimes have surprises: some things do not seem promising at all to us, and yet, we then see it everywhere.”, as a result, certain expectations and expectations of our designers may prove to be inconclusive during the year 2024.

Maxime and Matthieu agree that 2023 and 2024 will be similar in many ways, in particular on the continuation of the use of AIs or design Switzerland, although Maxime points out that the latter will most certainly be associated with very saturated colors and Designs “playful” with more cheerful and playful visuals. Like Deezer, identities will be happier and the Motion Design can make it possible to accentuate this line by animating the illustrations, for example, or even the fonts. Matthieu insists that static visuals have tired the audience and that animation will be more advanced in the future in order to create more realistic and fun worlds.

Since trends are an eternal beginning, Matthieu noticed that “retro” was increasingly highlighted since the end of the year, especially present in mixtures of illustrations and 3D. Businesses are more interested in having a mascot or representing themselves physically by a recognizable element. In particular, this allows entities to humanize their visual identity. We are no exception to this rule!

Bonhomme mprez à tête du logo Powerpoint
Mprez representation illustration

In the same way, the skeuomorphism that was so popular in the early 2000s (but yes, you remember! It is this type of design , which seeks to resemble reality and imitate its characteristics (such as the calculator icon on your phone) is back today, supplanting Designs Flat that we've been seeing everywhere lately. Today, we call skeuomorphism “neumorphism” because of the work done to best adapt this graphic type to the new requirements ofUI and UX design. Today, we are therefore trying to merge the tactile aspect of skeuomorphism with digital elements to facilitate its handling. Now the UI designers seek to give the user that feeling of clicking on something when he selects an element, thus an important work of shadows and lights.

Skeuomorphisme VS neumorphisme en design graphique, exemple de la calculatrice d'Apple
Skeuomorphism vs neumorphism

Lou complements these forecasts by stressing that eco-design will certainly always be at the heart of considerations, thus making it possible to invite ecological questions into the development of new technologies. In addition, she believes that brutalism, a graphic style with grain and textural effects, will be very present, as well as black and white, which will make it possible to play on negative images in presentations and other graphic creations.

The most anticipated designs

Among all these new features to come or already implemented, our designers are particularly attentive to some of them and look forward to using them on a daily basis.

Lou is delighted with the return of the big girls Fonts and minimalism, especially since these will probably be supported by brighter colors that will effectively convey the message.

In the same way, Maxime is delighted with this revival for the design Swiss accompanied by more graphics Playful and dynamics that will make it more accessible to the general public.

Finally, Matthieu is eager to see what 2024 has in store in terms of the development of AIs of design and 3D inlays for the Web design. He points out that this technique will work more for the Web design only for Powerpoint presentations, as the quality of the rendering could be altered.

Évolution des designs sérieux vers des designs graphiques playful et divertissants
The rise of playful and entertaining designs

See you next year?

A year that is coming to an end is always a lot of emotions. Fortunately, it is a safe bet that the year 2024 has some nice surprises in store for us and that graphic creations will be full of inventiveness!

Any questions still left? Do you want to go further in exploring the world of visual presentation? We are here to help! So do not hesitate any longer and contact us!

See you soon at the Kings of La Prez 👑

  • 2023, the year of Swiss graphic design, of neobrutalism, of Motion Design, 3D and AIs.
  • 2024, the year of Swiss graphic design X Playful Design, eco-design and neumorphism.

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