Renaming: Mister Prez becomes M PREZ

Because the change is now, Mister Prez is metamorphosing into Mprez.


We are in the month of March 2020, when the pandemic is about to hit Europe, we are announcing a new step forward: the Mister Prez PowerPoint agency becomes the M PREZ agency. Although the timing is not right to announce the news, the entire M PREZ team is nevertheless very proud to unveil its new identity. A look back at this fundamental stage in the development of the agency, 5 years after the creation of Mister Prez.

In life, there is a time for everything. Things, ideas, people change. What is true and representative of a state yesterday is no longer necessarily true today. At Mister Prez, we have always structured the agency's communication around concepts that speak to us and that resemble us: bright colors, round shapes, an ultra-flexible organization... All this was particularly relevant for our beginnings, in a context where the founding team mainly supported start-ups who presented their deck to investors in order to raise funds. As the years passed, clients diversified and the level of quality of renderings improved, in 2019 we decided that it was time to update this thorny question of agency identity.

Minimalism, an expression of a recognized, more mature and global identity

The first question that comes up is that of the name: Mister Prez. It is always very difficult to question a brand that is beginning to have a certain reputation on a market, in this case that of PowerPoint in Paris, France, but also now from New York to Rome via London or Lisbon. Even more so when the name corresponds and very precisely identifies our core expertise (which is not always the case in the world of PowerPoint agencies). However, we consider it necessary to challenge him: very “round”, ready to smile (we no longer count the innumerable word games “Mister Freeze” or “Mister Cocktail”) and with a very babystartup connotation, it was time to bring seriousness and rigor to our universe, without distorting our creative and innovative essence. We therefore decided to contract Mister Prez into M PREZ: more neutral, less divisive (these ladies are now in the spotlight on our team), and available on the web (!) , the PowerPoint M PREZ agency was born. It is now necessary to give it a look and a face.

The gamification of our Brand Design Process

To design our new identity, we do not want to look for the answer with the help of creatives external to the agency to help us as we did for the previous identity of Mister Prez. This time, we want to fully involve the team in attendance, which has been built over the years, who know each other perfectly and whose creativity is limitless. Thus, the agency's management team composed of Antoine and Arnaud had the idea of organizing an inside game that allows the new branding of the M PREZ agency to be put in place. Two teams are created, each composed of a founder whose role is to support the “strategic” part of the business, with two creatives at their side for the “visual production” part.

agence powerpoint ppt mprez nom brainstorming design brand id
Brainstorming | Team 1 for the design our visual identity.

The presentation of the two leads is made in front of the entire company team, as well as customers and friends of Mister Prez who have the eye and the legitimacy to decide which path to take. The choice falls on the universe below.

Excerpt from the presentation of the selected reco

In order to best respond to the new positioning, this new identity is intended to be tangential to the agency's notions of partner and service provider. An opening of the field of possibilities which results in a monochrome but face-to-face graphic treatment. A position of mastering the subject, of moving upmarket, which gives full scope to customer identity but also to the M PREZ ecosystem, which has acquired a real strength of proposal. It is then that the detachment of this monogram gives each project a particular vision. So inclusion is the key word.

Excerpt from the presentation of the selected reco

You know the rest of it. An official publication of the identity a few days before the start of the pandemic that put this announcement under the radar. However, several actions were planned at that time: newsletter, announcement on social networks, massive sending of personalized letters to our dearest customers and activation of our media partners to try to give resonance to our brand new agency: M PREZ now replaces the late Mister Prez. The king is dead, long live the king!

Excerpt from the research notebook of the selected reco

What you need to remember:

  • A team that is always on top and motivated for your projects!
  • An agency that is maturing and moving towards minimalism.
  • A visual and graphic treatment that can be used endlessly.

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