How do you choose your PowerPoint agency?

Find the Powerpoint agency that suits you!


After having seen in a previous article “the 8 reasons to use a Powerpoint agency” (that you can find here), we will explain to you how to choose the right Powerpoint agency.

Indeed, a good presentation can help you win a pitch, convince someone, advance your career, or capture the hearts and minds of your audience.

We help presenters and businesses save time by creating their Powerpoint presentations. Time is a crucial factor that each and every one of us needs. That is why you should not call on just anyone.

Here are our tips for choosing the right PowerPoint agency.

Think about your PowerPoint project

Think about your project beforehand, the timing you have, the budget granted for this mission, this will then allow you to put together the brief.

Indeed, knowing what you need will help you choose an agency.

Some agencies specialize in formats, sectors, ranges, while others offer a greater variety of services.

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Find the agency that best suits you according to...

Artistic quality

The most important criterion, and probably the first thing you're going to look at, is the artistic and graphic quality presented in the Powerpoint agency portfolio. In particular by the projects shown and the creativity made on the website. Surf the agency's site, look at the portfolio of projects and clients, does it speak to you? Do they meet your needs? Even if the portfolio mostly includes the most beautiful projects and key account customers of a company, it remains a “showcase”. The examples and projects carried out must be consistent with your problem and your sector of activity.

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The proposed price

The price offered can be a differentiating factor. Larger agencies often charge more than smaller agencies. Although you have allocated a budget for this project, fees may vary and exceed what you originally planned.


Enquire about The availability of The agency And on the human resources made available for the smooth running of a project.

The ability of an agency to be present and responsive according to deadlines is very important. Also, find out about the work structure deployed for a project, in order to know and understand how it works internally.

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Creative & business experience

Our creative and business experience are strengths.

We come from the world of consulting and financing startups with a strong experience and corporate culture.

We know how to combine creativity and business factors.

We are flexible, and operate with unlimited back and forth, responsiveness and tailor-made management of services.

To guarantee total availability and ensure the smooth running of projects, it is the client managers who create and manage the relationship between the client and the graphic design team.

Confidentiality of your information

Having an agency that guarantees irreproachable confidentiality is an essential criterion. That is why we use tools that guarantee confidentiality and avoid the transfer of data via third party sites. We have an internal box that allows us to share documents directly in a reliable and secure manner.

Some specific cases: for “delicate” projects in terms of confidentiality, it is possible that we go to the customer and work locally to avoid any problems and this also allows us to be 100% available.

Our ability to assess your content

Our workflow starts with analyzing your content to draw its shape.

We are aware of the technical and innovative possibilities. In some cases, this makes it possible to bring meaning and impact to a speech; in other cases, it is better to keep it simple.

For example, using animations for a pitch deck will bring strength to the presentation. Or for a presentation with very dense content, we suggest creating interactive presentations that allow you to easily and quickly navigate the document.

Do you want more information about our PowerPoint agency?

What you need to remember:

  • Take stock of your research and your expectations in advance.
  • Evaluate the quality/price ratio you want to put into your project.
  • Make sure the agency is available so that your deadlines are respected!
  • What if the best choice was Mprez? ;-()

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