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In the wonderful world of presentation (Prez (for intimate people), we obviously find the “classical presentation” which takes place from a Slide A to one Slide Z fluidly, like a story being told, each Slide needing to be addressed and displayed. The process is planned in advance and the arguments are linear.

That's how the majority of people present themselves. However, the beginning of the 21st century has seen many changes, especially in its manners and habits. In the age of viruses that cloister us at home and the changing vision of work, we need to adapt. We need to modernize the way we present to better deliver our messages in this ever-changing world. That's why today, we're talking about interactive presentations that, we're sure, will change the way you see prez.

In a world that moves

As we can all see, our society is changing. The advent of digital technology and digital transformations have allowed the creation of new tools, both for creation and for communication. The Covid-19 crisis has also made us review all our beliefs and habits. Forced to stay at home, we had to communicate differently and review all of our salary routines. Teleworking changed our prospects, and many businesses adopted it, even when the pandemic was over. Today, it is estimated that, according to a study published by JLL France in 2022, 56% of the French population works from home at least one day a week. In addition, teleworking is becoming a recruitment criterion, and more and more people are looking for jobs in Full-remote, that is to say 100% teleworking.

Businesses must therefore adapt and prepare new tools for new uses. The adoption of Teams meetings, for example, has changed the game when it comes to presentations, as you now have to learn to present remotely, without being able to use your physical presence to capture the attention of your audience. We also invite you to consult our dedicated articles on the subject of remote presentation: or

Bye bye boredom!

The Remote/remote is good, but making it dynamic is better!

To do this, we offer you the interactive presentations that will be your best allies in making your meetings and announcements memorable.

The interactive presentation allows you toadapt the presentation according to your interlocutor, the context or its use. To put it simply: an “interactive” presentation reacts like a website, allowing you to navigate and discover the information it contains via multiple paths, through “interactive buttons”. This interactive document is presentable Online (via video, webinar, etc.) and Offline (appointment, meeting, attachment) and therefore allows an ideal presentation path in all cases.

It promotes the dynamism and non-linearity of your presentation, making your interventions surprising and impacting. Few people know this way of presenting and, in general, the “wow” effect is guaranteed!

Thanks to the interactive presentation, one prez is now equivalent to 1000 scenarios!

Thus, armed with a well-thought-out interactive presentation, a salesperson will have a communication tool that will adapt from one customer to another during his appointments. A strategic report will be ideally presentable thanks to a “clickable” menu directly on the PowerPoint allowing the audience or even a reader to quickly request and obtain information within an organized document. Likewise if you do a Webinar, the interactive presentation is very useful when it comes to questions and answers so as not to panic and quickly find information on a Slide.


Prez multi-tasking

The big advantage of an interactive presentation is that it no longer has to balance details and simplicity. You can put one and the other, and then understand when, or in what situation, you may or may not go deep into a subject. However, you will always have to challenge the content of your Slides and make it as clear as possible so that your interlocutors can easily follow your words.

Moreover, it is in the very DNA of interactive presentations to be sent by email, downstream, or in parallel with an appointment, in order to be able to deliver a second reading and a good memory of the information delivered. The advantage of these interactive presentations/websites is that they can live on their own, without you presenting them, and therefore serve as excellent media to transmit to your audience. Your customers, students or partners will thus be able to roam freely around your presentation and deepen the subject according to their questions and desires.

Finally, we are talking about a form of presentation that works like an app! It is a presentation full of images, emotions and quality, and, what is more, dedicated to your interlocutor, and therefore very rewarding. All accessible for a lower budget compared to a site or an app, and can be sent by email. You therefore have the opportunity to present in a modern way, without having to publish confidential information on the Internet with the risks that this involves for your company.

As you will have understood, the interactive presentation is for us the star of the moment among the different types of presentation and we therefore highly recommend it for the reasons mentioned above, especially in this new economic and societal context.

Nota bene : While all versions of PowerPoint since 2010 - i.e. the vast majority of software versions installed today by our customers - can read an interactive presentation, only versions published after Office 2016 may be able to create or modify them.

So, did we convince you to switch to the new version of Les Prez? If this is the case and you want to know more, do not hesitate to contact us! Mprez is a team of experts and creatives who design presentations with a “wow! ” since 2016. We are there for anyone who wants to tell inspiring stories or optimize the results of their presentations. 😉

What you need to remember:

  • One presentation, a thousand uses.
  • The flexibility and pace of a website, without the cost!
  • A great support to send at the end of the presentation, so that he can live and revive, even without you!

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